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The Economy

Algeria is a developing country with a diverse economy that is heavily reliant on its oil and gas exports, which, despite fluctuations in global prices, contribute roughly one-third of the country's GDP annually. The North African country with an estimate of over 45 million people ranks 11th in the world and 2nd in Africa in terms of proven natural gas reserves, accounting for approximately 2% of global reserves. The country is also Africa's second-largest gas exporter and the world's tenth-largest oil exporter.

Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Services all contribute significantly to Algeria's economy, in addition to the oil and gas sector, which is the primary contributor.


The Legal Business Structure

The limited liability company (LLC) and the joint-stock company (JSC) are the most common legal business structures in Algeria. LLCs are the most common choice for small and medium-sized businesses, whereas JSCs are better suited to larger corporations. Other legal business structures include sole proprietorships, partnerships, and foreign company branches.

Algerian business laws and regulations are governed by the Commercial Code and the Investment Code, as well as various other laws and decrees. To operate legally in the country, businesses must register with the Commercial Register and obtain various licenses and permits.

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