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International business expansion comes with a lot of risks and hurdles.

From complex regulatory compliance in the various jurisdictions, to cultural differences, language barrier, intellectual property protection, and to unpredictable political climate. The decision to enter a new market is worth any entrepreneur’s time and investment.

With an understanding of the geographical terrain, African Market Entry Consulting utilizes its signature market entry framework to help investors, entrepreneurs, business executives, and corporations to expand into the emerging African market

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Our approach

Our on-the-ground approach in each of the African jurisdiction, gives us a better advantage to provide our services to your exact needs in the most efficient way.

Our team of experienced consultants will recommend the right entry strategy, provide you with high-level market intelligence, assist you with sourcing the right talents for your new venture, and ensure you comply with government and regulatory policies.


We cannot emphasize this enough – what works for your country may not work in Africa.

That is why it is crucial to seek solutions that address potential challenges and experts that can navigate the terrain seamlessly.

Our agency offers a variety of solutions that address concerns and skepticism while also providing international clients with a comprehensive view of doing business in Africa.

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When it comes to investing in Africa, it's important to understand the jurisdiction of the countries in which you plan to do business. Below are the countries we currently cover.

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