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Having a company is fundamental when businesses and investors want to establish or expand their entity in a foreign land



Having a company is fundamental when businesses and investors want to establish or expand their entity in a foreign land. However, in a terrain like Africa, they face serious roadblocks and the mammoth bureaucratic demands, legalities, cultures, and policies required to settle down. With solid ties in at least10 major markets in Africa and a professional team behind us, we will turn your idea into a functional company without head aches.

African Market Entry Consulting is the number one African market entry service for international businesses. We give our clients firsthand insight into trade in these regions. We are your eyes, ears, and feet on African soil, regardless of your trade or investment location. We understand local laws, regulations, trade compliance across borders, and official timelines and will work within the regulated policies to deliver exceptional results swiftly and effortlessly.

Our high success rate is due to two factors; we live, understand the culture, and speak the language in each locality. Additionally, our team understands the legalities and requirements for forming a company in any location.

Company Set-up

From readymade companies to branch offices, representative offices, and subsidiary offices, our team's knowledge of the African market, international partners, and network ensure clients get a company formation service second to none throughout the region. Additionally, we will be with you every step of the way, explaining the process and gathering the necessary information to make formation easy.

Other services available are:

  • Assisting clients in registering their various offices
  • VAT/Tax registration
  • Obtaining Bank accounts
  • Obtaining all legal documents, including company reports, shareholders, articles of the memorandum, etc.
  • Preparing and filing tax reports and annual returns
  • Certifying documentation for international clearance or use

Why do you need us?

  • We make it simple
  • Presence in at least 10 jurisdictions across Africa
  • Our services are tailored to the African market
  • We have mastered the terrain and updated our resources and team with the newest compliance regulations and tax or government policies.
  • Our delivery model is pinned on innovation and human resources that support your needs, whether you want to establish or expand the business

Have you decided on the jurisdiction that fits your overall corporate expansion goal? Talk to us today, and our experts will guide you through the process

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