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Businesses need cost-effective ways to protect intellectual property in Africa



Businesses and companies seeking to expand their square footage or establish a brand in Africa need cost-effective ways to protect their intellectual property against theft within a jurisdiction or across multiple countries on the continent.

Whether you are expanding or establishing a multinational or individual entity, our intellectual property service is efficient, swift, and cost-effective in providing and safeguarding your invention, trademark, or designs and copyrights in any jurisdiction

Our Intellectual Property Service ensures:

  • You prevent the counterfeiting and pirating of goods/products that can endanger the consumer’s lives.
  • We promote, protect, and enforce intellectual property rights that encourage economic development in the regions.
  • That businesses’ IP rights are protected from an illegal entity that may want to exploit the company or brand.

Overall, we ensure our client's investments are protected, thereby increasing their market share and brand visibility, and giving them a competitive edge. Hence, our approach is to watch the constant changes due to governmental policies and international trade regulations and ensure that we constantly update their documents to prevent undue exploitation of their intellectual property assets.

We have a team uniquely positioned throughout Africa that is fully integrated to provide comprehensive IP services to help businesses survive on African soil

How do I register IP assets?

Step 1: Pre-Submission search

To begin registration, we will require your trademark description, a soft copy in the accepted format, and company formation details for a pre-submission search. We can guarantee that your trademark is unique to you and has not been used by any other business within or outside the jurisdiction. Additionally, it enables us to swiftly identify issues and deal with them effectively.

Step 2: Registering the trademark

If there was no problem in the pre-submission, this is the next stage. Our intellectual property management team will fill out all essential documents and submit them to the necessary authorities in your jurisdiction. The process is lengthy, but we will do our best to shorten it.

Step 3: Publishing the Registered trademark

Publishing the registered trademark publicizes the trademark in case of a dispute. If there is no dispute, your trademark is certified and presented to you accordingly.

Resolving Intellectual Disputes

Sometimes problems arise, and trademark disputes occur. However, we know how tedious and overwhelming it can be for international businesses entering the market, but our resolution service will protect you, and your business reputation, and save you time and money.

Our arbitration and mediation approach helps parties table their arguments and resolve them, without involving the courts.

Our quick and flexible intellectual property service is readily available and addresses the market's constant change.

Have you decided on the jurisdiction that fits your overall corporate expansion goal? Talk to us today, and our experts will guide you through the process

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