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An international market entry strategy is not a one-size-fits-all, whether you want to enter a new or existing market.



An international market entry strategy is not a one-size-fits-all, whether you want to enter a new or existing market. Unfortunately, many companies and businesses fail woefully because of short-sighted entry approaches.

Market intelligence is an approach that intends to ransack the target market from the inside out by gathering productive information tailored to the investor’s need for specific demographics, locations, or market sectors. We have helped numerous clients navigate the African markets across the continent. Our teams of in-country experts will carry out thoughtful market research, investigate potential risks and opportunities your business may encounter, and devise tactful strategies to overcome these issues before you begin.

Our specialist market intelligence team have decades of experience working in different countries within the continent and guiding potential investors through the risks and opportunities of a new or existing market. Our approach leverages software, tools, and techniques that enable us to source, gather, and compile information relevant to your market, demographics, and future success. We combine human and technological methods to ensure our analysis is precise, to the point, and tailored to your business sector and needs.

Tailored reports of country and industry

Depending on the intended market location, our team of in-country research specialists will get accurate and detailed information from reliable and authentic sources concerning the risks and opportunities of your business.

We will also include a professionally written report that includes business regulations and policies with updates, current trends, government guidelines, and financial costs.

Tailored market research

Our team reviews the sales potentials of the product and service in the desired market, along with details on profit margins over the next 2–5 years after setup.

Additionally, our vast networks of people working in government agencies, industries, imports and exports, distributions, franchises, and manufacturers will give you accurate information on the demand and supply data critical to your success in this market. To your advantage, the research will also include potential customers, competition, and comparable pricing

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